EntreMuros, Bernardo Aja de Mauri

Juin 2021
June 2021

Between Walls is a compilation of pictures that leads us to two temporalities, actual families that keep the essence of past centuries, combining contemporary aesthetics and some remains of the XIX and XX centuries.

The existing relation between the characters and their privacy reveals the importance of inheritance, will, loss; the register of a generation that is lost between two lives, two walls. Characters that stay insurgents to what has been established and collect useless objects that help them fulfill their lives in the present, a placebo that keeps them immersed in a momentary reality, a life that makes sense based on the profoundness of their own illusion.

Infos pratiques
Lundi - Samedi
Chaussée de Louvain, 803
1140 Evere - Belgique
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