11.11.21 — 18.12.21

For his comeback on the Brussels scene, Michèle Schoonjans Gallery is delighted to announce Samuel Levy's solo exhibition; "Artificial Nature: Landscapes”; the artist invites the spectator to discover his work based on the investigation of a light marked/filled by vibrant and radiant energies. The gallery will present an overview of recent works on canvas and mock-ups illustrating feasible projects (tailor-made and in situ). 

For the past twenty years, Samuel Levy has been developing his artwork around drawing, experimenting first with a ballpoint pen, then with a pencil, and now with acrylic. 

To achieve his own style, Samuel Levy has explored different themes. The concept of “Artificial Nature” is the result of various nature’s investigations  in all its forms.  A thematic that he creates either on the canvas (or paper) with the painter's palette, or in the form of sculptures and installations which he then creates from recycled materials such as wood, glass, cardboard and/or plastic. 

With an unpredictable and spontaneous gesture, Samuel Levy projects a first layer of colour onto the canvas, the essential basis for the emergence of his subject. He pursues the creative process by laying down different impressions which will bring out the reliefs. These shapes are extended, transform themselves into three dimensions and eventually spread over the entire surface. He finally treats the background to bring out various forms. By proceeding in such a way, the marks are shifted and give the illusion of a floating appearance. 

Through the construction and overlapping of multiple layers of paint, vast abstract landscapes emerge to reveal an unusual and mysterious universe.Our attention is captivated by this oneiric and vegetal world. 

Each work makes us think of a fragment, a tiny part of a larger organism. Through this visual game, the artist refers us to what we are, i.e., a multitude of different cells, linked to each other, to recompose a larger body. 

A real vitamin cure in the middle of winter, a graphic journey with a healing power … to be discovered until 18 December 2021 at the Rivoli at Michèle Schoonjans Gallery.

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