Group Show, Two Years 
02.07.23 ⇢ 29.07.23

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Chaussée de Waterloo 690
1180 Bruxelles - Belgique
+32 498 92 00 86
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KLOTZSHOWS is a recent project by Brussels based art collector Robert Klotz. Over the past decade, he and his wife Stéphanie have built up a collection of contemporary art, displayed at their home and constantly growing. Their collection combines internationally renowned artists with emerging or more locally known artists, mainly from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Starting in 2015, Robert acquired and renovated several art spaces (white cubes) located in the well known RIVOLI building, in the heart of the Brussels uptown gallery district. These spaces have been rented out to other contemporary art galleries, notably from Antwerp, Berlin, Berne, Cologne and Paris, who have presented a wide range of artists from various countries. This activity will continue.

In 2020, he started to use his spaces for own projects, by presenting his self-curated show “Europe Endless”, which combined the audio-visual art work of Kraftwerk, the undisputed pioneers of electronic music, with selected pieces of Op Art from his personal collection. This event received wide acclaim among the gallerists and visitors of the RIVOLI.

​In 2021, Robert took the next step on the path towards his own art gallery. He defined the concept of KLOTZSHOWS, under which he now presents a selection of contemporary artists, defined and driven by his own artistic choices and preferences.