Fab Rideti, Naphta Tribes
13.03.22 — 30.04.22

Frédérick Mouraux Gallery is honored to present a captivating collection of works of art by Fab Rideti for her first solo exhibitions in Belgium.

Born in France, Fab Rideti spent a few years in Seattle, before moving to Brussels in 2015. With a plastic, even aesthetic approach, Fab Rideti produces engaged works of art, impregnated by the great contemporary questions, scrutinising human fragility as much as the flaws of our societies. Within her work, the themes of play, representation and spectacle are recurrent. She draws us into her theatrical, fantastic universe, often tinged with derision, which seduces us, only to reach us again: she confuses us with a second reading that challenges us. Falsely perfect images that surprise us when we least expect it. She addresses the inner child within us.


This set of photographs shows with respect and humour a tribe dressed in plastic waste from the oceans. A call to conscience and to the responsibility of Man in the face of the “Dirtiness” of nature.

In the first space of the Gallery: exhibition NAPHTA* TRIBES. Pure product of the overconsumption of the 80’s, Fab Rideti questions today the vacuity of our quest to have and the capacity of Man to persist in his errors. With this new series, Naphta Tribes, she makes us aware of the abusive use of plastic and its impact on the oceans.

Inspired by Edward Curtis when he immortalised the American Indians, Fab Rideti photographs the last representatives of our civilisation, the “founders” of the 7th continent **. Before the world chan- ged, before ecological awareness made these portraits

This series laughs at consumerism and our cult of appearance. Like derisory warriors, her characters adorn themselves in plastic, a material they claim to be noble when in fact it is causing their downfall.

Fab Rideti depicts with a certain tenderness our vanity and blindness when nature cries out to us for a return to the authentic. However, she prefers humour to guilt to get our attention.

Fab Rideti, as an artist committed to the planet, part of the profits will be donated to the Foundation Tara Océan.

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