Visible de l’invisible,  Nyaba L Ouedraogo

30 Octobre 2020 - 16 Janvier 2021
October 30, 2020 - January 16, 2021

In this serie called « Visible de l’invisible », my goal is that the concepts of Cult and Culture will nourish each other and their reciprocal effects and, in return, new pictures will flourish. I qualify the creations born from this marriage of « Animist-Photography ». The second degree of interpretation of the mask give to these photographs a double destiny which, itself, is soaked in the past that transcends this present to the aesthetic field of the eternity of the cultural stories of the masks.
According to my vision, the imaginary which revolves around the mask tilts in a sort of collective memory to recover the millennial fascination attributed to them to which multiple myths and beliefs are attached. It is a way of celebrating life and remembering to never forget the culmination of the terrestrial journey of these animist beliefs which help us without us being aware of it. The beauty, as a calm night in spite of the promesse of oblivion, lays on the bodies. 

If we pay attention to the painted bodies, we will have the impression that they are fading away, giving birth to unions of shapes having their own autonomy. It is the same sensation as walking through a landscape without perceiving an end.

The body becomes something else. It questions the imaginary of the living. In this serie of photographs about the identity of the mask, I have questioned it, not wanting to get answers, but to nourish the following debate because these masks represent the personnification of spirits, so shouldn’t the photographs have the same vocation?

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