Nadia Naveau and Denitsa Todorova, Note to self
23 avril — 04 juin 2022
Opening : 23 avril, 14 - 20h 

At first sight, the practices of Denitsa Todorova and Nadia Naveau are completely different. One creates abstract drawings, the other is known for her sculptures with recognizable art historical and pop culture influences. When their works come together, a surprising aesthetic symbiosis arises, which is very difficult to explain, but in which common essences appear to the forefront.

In the very free and fluid symbiosis between Todorova's drawings and Naveau's sculptures, both artists find an interesting look at their own work; a new layer of perception and meaning; a mental note. The joint exhibition Note to Self highlights points of contact between the artists (such as the sculptural potential of drawing and the sketchiness of clay) and allows the works, in their total freedom, to complement each other. This text can merely be an attempt to put into words why both oeuvres function so well together aesthetically. Their connection does not arise on an academic or rational level, but in an intuitive, emotional togetherness. Their mutual conversation is reflected in the unique, demarcated space of the gallery and reveals reverberating echoes. In this aesthetic echo, new openings arise to the imagination of the viewer and possibly also of the artists themselves.

- Tamara Beheydt, April 2022


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After their previous successful collaboration with the Ballroom Project art fair, Ida Wollens of DMW Gallery and Bart Vanderbiesen of Base-Alpha Gallery join forces in September 2021 to create a permanent space: Ballroom Gallery Brussels.The new project by DMW and Base-Alpha lands in the prestigious Rue Royale in Brussels as an addition to the existing spaces of both galleries in Antwerp.

The concept of Ballroom Gallery is simple: each gallery invites one artist. The combination of artists determines whether this starting point results in two separate solo shows, a duo exhibition or a more intensive collaboration. The new gallery will not only take inspiration from the regular programme of DMW and Base Alpha, but will explore new boundaries with a more international focus.

Besides the regular gallery operation, Ballroom Gallery also creates a space to support the generation of up-and-coming artists with “Ballroom Invites”. With this initiative, Wollens and Vanderbiesen aim to assist the new generation during their first steps in the professional art world. For this purpose, the young artists get a full gallery space at their disposal to present their first solo exhibition.