Geometria, Bregje sliepenbeek, Paolo Marcolongo, Nadine Meeus, Eleanor Lakelin, Natalie Arsenow
03-30 septembre 2020
Vernissage : 03 septembre 2020, de 18h à 21h

The new date for this event still has to be confimed

You are hereby cordially invited to the vernissage of my next exhibition, called Geometria, which will take place on Thursday, May 7th in the stunning Arthus Gallery on Place Chatelain in Ixelles from 18:00 to 21:00. The show with lots of new drawings will run for several weeks until June 30th. It would be great to see you there on the opening night when I will be present as well.

The Arthus Gallery has been in Brussels for 20 years already and is striving to display original artworks, usually unique pieces, with the aim to promote a wide range of techniques and to build bridges between cultures and periods. During this show the topic is “geometry”, which will be perceived from various angles by 5 different artists, all of them working with a distinct approach. The works of 3 of these artists are best displayed on your walls, while the other 2 will come to their full right when being placed on a pedestal.

My drawings are generally based on triangles, which results in a technique that sometimes comes to the verge of abstraction. However, when seen from a distance the works will certainly remind you of rather realistic paintings or photographs. With this very modern technique I want to bring the depicted topic into our present day and show that things can change.

My inspiration mainly comes from Old Masters depicting women on the one hand and actresses on the other hand. The second topic is linked to the recent Me Too movement. I obviously want to create beautiful artworks but with a slight feminist touch. Back in the days women were only allowed to be muses and/or models but never artists in their own right. And even nowadays many societies all over the world are still struggling with the question of equal possibilities and rights for everyone. Female artists keep on being extremely underrepresented in most of the museums and fairs and the prices paid for their works are only a fraction of the ones paid for their male counterparts. High time to change this, don't you think?

During the vernissage the Arthus Gallery will be open from 18:00 until 21:00 and from then on from 14:00 until 18:00 from Tuesday to Saturday (so the gallery is closed on Sunday and Monday). Entrance is free.

It would be fantastic to see you there on the opening night to exchange ideas and talk about possible solutions... or other things.

The other artists who will be exhibited during this show are: Eleanor Lakelin, Paolo Marcolongo, Nadine Meeus and Bregje Sliepenbeek.

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