Paper Stories

January 12th - February 22nd 2020

The Schönfeld Gallery in Brussels presents with the upcoming expo ‘Paper Stories’ five artists who work exclusively or mainly on paper. Albert Pepermans, Manuel Geerinck, Eliza Pepermans, Jesse Willems and Janine Vandebosch: are a mix of known and especially young or little known talent.

What comes up are a lot of stories of what work on paper could be. Stories of painting, drawing, DIY-prints with templates and collage art, abstraction and figuration, coincidence and control, intuition, accuracy and expressiveness, vitality and tenderness, the everyday environment and the world. At the same time one can peek into the heart of five art practices.

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Jeudi > Samedi
Chaussee de Waterloo 690 #21
1180 Ukkel - Belgique
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