Du 13 Janvier au 18 Février

Sous le commissariat de Mireille Liénard

Sonia ANICETO - Mehmet AYDOGDU - Mariana BISTI - Dany DANINO - Denis DE RUDDER

Vincent GAGLIARDI - François HUON - Stéphanie JACQUES - L’ATLAS - Lefteris TAPAS


Faisant suite à la « Biennale d’Art Contemporain » de Mountados, Ile de Tinos, Grèce / été 2017


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jeudi - dimanche
rue haute 200
1000 Bruxelles - Belgique
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Founded by Martine Ehmer in 2004, the Gallery, originally called “Gallery Libre Cours”, is specialised in Contemporary and Urban Art. It presents and represents contemporary artists, both emerging and established. The Gallery champions artists with diverse and multicultural profiles, working in a range of media going from figurative and abstract painting to photography, sculpture and video. Featuring both solo shows and collective exhibitions, the Gallery has a continuous exhibition program which changes every month. Since 2005, the Gallery seeks to increase the international exposure and recognition of its artists and therefore consistently participates in national and international art fairs. In January 2013, the Gallery changed its name and became the “Galerie Martine Ehmer”. Since then, the Gallery’s importance has constantly increased as evidenced by the opening of a permanent exhibition show room and the ever-growing list of artists. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the “Galerie Martine Ehmer” moves in June 2014 to a new location - a bigger space offering greater visibility - 200 rue Haute 1000 Brussels.