Solo Exhibition 25/1 to 30/03/2018
Armen AGOP (Egypt-Armenia)  "Emergence"
Rue Blanche 15, B-1050 Brussels

A line is a very elemental entity. Agop explores various situations where lines emerge from different compact forms, seeking the outside world. Sharp lines appear, cutting through space. Less sharp lines are vague apparitions initiating outer contact. Although these forms are quite compact and contained, the emerging lines have an optimistic presence, suggesting growth and expansion. Agop describes his obsessive process as a meditative practice, a rituality which seeks an interior cosmos and explores a spacial depth. Observing and re-observing a line, sculpting it and re-sculpting it, each time discovering a new way of being and a different dimension of existence.


Art Fair 5-9/04/2018
Lucien MURAT & Clothilde GOSSET
Grand Palais, Paris

Solo Exhibition 17/04 to 09/06/2018
Beth CARTER (UK) - Sculptures
Rue Blanche 15, B-1050 Brussels

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Rue Blanche 15
B-1050 Bruxelles - Belgique
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LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects deals with contemporary sculpture. The gallery represents several international artists, who have acquired a solid reputation throughout years of presence on the art scene, alongside promising new names in contemporary art. Artists represented by LKFF are Armen AGOP, Hanneke BEAUMONT, Beth CARTER, Mario DILITZ, Markus HOFER, Les 2 GARCONS, Clothilde GOSSET, Sean HENRY, Xavier LENORMAND, Lucien MURAT, Alice PILASTRE, Henk VAN RENSBERGEN, Velasco VITALI,... The exhibition space, located in the uptown city centre (Louise area), is an open window to the world of form and 3D expression.