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Barthélémy Toguo & Duncan Wylie
'About the World'

Exhibition/ 7 September - 20 October 2018

" We have all heard the expression “painters are witnesses of their times”, and after all, how could they be otherwise? Art is always contemporary when it is produced, and artists, whoever they may be, act like a loudspeaker. In the pushy world we live in, more than ever the artist's role and function is to alert the collective conscience to things that are getting off track.

"What do you think an artist is?” Picasso once asked. “An idiot who has nothing but eyes if he is a painter, ears for a musician, or lyrics at every stage of the heart for a poet, or even for a boxer, nothing but muscle?” On the contrary, artists are 'political beings' at the same time, constantly aware of the heart-rendering, ardent and hopeful events in the world, shaping their expression from scratch in the image of those events.”                     

Barthélémy Toguo and Duncan Wylie follow this same path. We chose to bring them together in one exhibit, not only because they were both born and raised in Africa, before coming to France to continue their training and gain recognition. One is from Cameroon – he has developed multiform work using drawing and photography as well as video and performance – and spends his time between Bandjoun and Paris. The other has an Anglosaxon background, born in Zimbabwe, he draws and paints, dividing his time between London and Paris. Beyond their differences, they share a way of looking at the world. Not with the same creative drive, but with the same kind of humanitarian thinking. 

While Barthélémy Toguo, whose background shows him to be a continual nomad, is always ready to go on site to take the pulse of the world and reflect it in all kinds of expression, Duncan Wylie for his part, is constantly listening, and by means of the vectors of the media, he analyzes our highs and lows to better symbolize them. Something in the two artists reveals their similar determination to portray the world, to make us think like Malraux about the human condition and to see it with eyes wide open, avoiding the trap of staying only on the surface.

While Toguo denounces inequality and injustice, defending minorities and questioning our values, Wylie mirrors the chaotic reality of the world, fingers the absurdity of power, and seeks a balance. Both bring us face to face with reality, and invite us to realize that the human condition depends on all kinds of political, economic and societal factors. As artists of their times, Barthélémy Toguo and Duncan Wylie are nevertheless “political beings” – to use Picasso’s words – and their works, whether figurative or conceptual, narrative, literal or symbolic, give us an image of today's world. "

     Philippe Piguet, 
     Exhibition curator.


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Exhibition/ 7 September - 6 October 2018

The main focus in the work of Swiss-Guinean photographer Namsa Leuba (1982) is on the African identity, which she views through her lens as a Westerner. Spanning documentary, fashion and performance, Namsa Leuba creates a set of visual images exploring the signs and symbols of her cultural heritage. Hangar presents her series Weke in its entirety for the first time. This series of photographs, executed in the Republic of Benin, the birthplace of voodoo, imagines narratives that are inspired by the local animist traditions of the vodoo religion. Vodoo cosmology is based on the idea that spirits govern the natural and human world, and religious practices incorporate ceremonies that communicate with mythical gods.

Namsa Leuba (Switzerland, 1982) studied photography at ECAL (Université d’Art et du Design, Lausanne), graduating with a Masters in Art Direction. Her work has been published in numerous magazines, including I-D, Numéro, Kaleidoscope and Foam. She was awarded various prizes between 2010 and 2013. Namsa exhibits her work in various collective shows, including at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Redhook Labs in Brooklyn, in Copenhagen, in Korea, in Athens and at Tate Modern in London. She divides her time between Africa and Europe.





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