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A K I   K U R O D A 

Opening/ 18 April
Exhibition/ 19 April - 13 Juny 2018

Hangar will be unveiling the masterly work of the Japanese artist Aki Kuroda.  In this first one-man show of the artist in Belgium, visitors will discover a series of new works (2016/2017) plus several emblematic paintings.  Through his works, Aki Kuroda takes us to a world laden with ancient myths and stories from his country, Japan. He creates “passages” between different worlds:  modernism and contemporary art, East and West, the body and the cosmos, mythology and the future. Very large colourful canvases take up the spaces of Hangar on the theme of his “Cosmogarden”.

Once again, as on various occasions in Japan, Aki Kuroda wanted to work together with architects. Hangar proposed a cooperation with students of interior architecture at the Mons school of art, Arts2, to build an ephemeral teahouse. This project, in line with Aki’s world and drawings, blends in with the setting of the exhibition.

Close to the young contemporary art scene, Aki Kuroda wanted to involve a younger artist, Marcin Sobolev (Belgo-Russian) in his exhibition. Aki and Marcin will together produce an installation composed of flowers and joint artistic creations. A life-size Cosmogarden…

Hangar seized the opportunity of this monumental exhibition to stage a series of events relating to Japan and the work of Aki Kuroda. Information on this subject will follow.


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S A T O R U    T O M A 

Opening/ 18 April
Exhibition/ 19 April - 9 May 2018

Satoru Toma (Gumma, Japan, 1976) is a Japanese artist living in Brussels. Having studied literature at the University of Tokyo, in 1998 he decided to go to Europe and embark on artistic work. He started to stray like a cat in order to discover his new city, Brussels. This is how he embarked on his photography project on the landscapes and territorial limits of the city. In April, the Petit Hangar will expose a series of his photos exploring forgotten spaces, in particular community vegetable gardens. In parallel with his photography work, Satoru also does calligraphy, an ancestral practice between writing and drawing, and links it to dance and performance. Satoru Toma will organize a calligraphy workshop in conjunction with this exhibition.


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D R I E S    S E G E R S 

Opening/ 17 May
Exhibition/ 18 May - 13 June 2018

Born in Turnhout (in Belgium) in 1990, Dries lives and works in Antwerp. He studied the visual arts in Iceland and Brussels. A young artist, Dries has already exhibited in major institutions such as Bozar [Brussels Centre of Fine Arts], the FOMU [Antwerp Photo Museum] and the Botanique [cultural complex in Brussels] and has already published a book entitled “Seeing a Rainbow.” In parallel with his artistic work, Dries works as a photojournalist.

His photographic work is based on the idea of uncontrollable images, which are generated by themselves. Dries Segers explores the boundaries between abstract and figurative photography by creating “accidental” photos.  His analogue techniques enable him to create an image without a camera, using light, space and time. This is the case of his photo series Hits of Sunshine. The process then becomes the result, often leaving room for surprizing colour and form effects, evoking the cosmos, space, and infinity.



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Created by a passionate belgian art collector, Hangar is located in the heart of the Châtelain neighbourhood in Brussels and spread on more than 1000m2. Hangar, art center and gallery, presents a curated selection of renowned international artists and promising young talents, contributing to the development of the appreciation of contemporary art and photography in Brussels. Each year Hangar houses 3 to 4 major exhibitions, one of which is dedicated to contemporary photography, PhotoBrussels Festival. These exhibitions also serve as a theatre for conferences, performances and meetings.