Picture : Paola Pezzi, Metallizzato, 45 x 85 x14 cm, Tessuto metallizzato, 2018




Opening Brunch- Sunday 24.11.2019 from 13:00 to 19:00  in presence of the artist.


PAOLA PEZZI - Born in Brescia in 1963, lives & works in Milan, Italy

For her second solo exhibition, Poesia Del Quotidiano, at the Lee-Bauwens Gallery, Paola Pezzi will present a series of recent works.

To reflect on Paola Pezzi’s work, we need to talk not so much about matter as matter or, even better, about materials : the different series of works, which over time have strengthened her characteristic imagination and her unmistakable and simple formal interpretation of the “substances” used, have in fact always been composed of common materials to declare themselves in the vision of the work and in most cases have been ‘treated” by her with only a minimal and slight alteration [...]

The concreteness of things loses it’s contours, to introduce other categories of judgment and evaluation. Paper, felt, cork, pencils, fabric, wood…are translated into a new language that uses their essences to trigger the intrinsic properties of their state trough the simplicity of a composition-composing that seems to flourish, fluctuate, emerge, gush, sway, flutter, sprout… In short, in the multiplication of nature it fixes the canons of it’s atavistic beauty, and, in this way, declares itself to life. [...]

Pezzi does not just organize the substances, but listens to them, follows them, explores them, analyses them, questions them and, perhaps, even provokes them, to the point of interpreting the very property of matter like a skilled director to make it consonant with a meaning that has the urgency to have to manifest itself : waiting and unfolding bring its interventions back to a becoming and progressive stage, never aligned with the positions of an ultimate or exclusive completeness, which, however solid and concrete, regenerates the complexity, variable and free, of the exclusive essence of things.

Between novelty and quotation, between reuse and creation, between figure and symbol, the pictorial sense and the sign – elements to wich the artist refers dialectically – induce the sculpture to evolve from its precise formal exercise of the strictly physical dimension- which always reaffirms the depth of one’s contribution – to a higher degree of intellectual reading. The comparison with different sensorialities, with different memories and experiences, allows Paola Pezzi to meet the visual favour of the viewer, whose gaze follows the traces she has gathered to sharpen that emotional crossing that draws from strat of materiality to root itself in the complex ones of the soul.

Matteo GALBIATI,  Critic and curator - Excerpt from the catalog MATERIE PRIME, Rocca di Senigallia, 2019.



As a student at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, she took classes with Luciano Fabro and Zeno Birolli, incorporating and personalizing the lessons of Arte Povera giving her a quick understanding of contemporary avant-garde art.


This exhibition running between 24.11 au 29.12.2019


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