Picture :  Namgoong Whan in his workshop, Paris, 2018



For its second personal exhibition in the LEE-BAUWENS Gallery , the Korean artist NAMGOONG WHAN presents a selection of works on paper covering the last years of its work. Created in patience and concentration, the artworks of Namgoong Whan are made with a thick brush full of ink. In contact with paper and water, the ink diffuses according to the fast and precise gesture of the artist. The handling of the brush requires extreme control of the gesture because repentance is not allowed. For this, Namgoong Whan must practice his method daily in a quasi-ritual way and place himself in a particular mental situation in order to concentrate his energy on this single action. The gesture, always measured, indicates an approach governed by a requirement of unity in precision and chance. He manages to give life to his work with a subtle play of depth blending the blur and the net, giving his work a spiritual dimension from which emerges a rare visual energy, the one that he calls Entoptic.

"ENTOPTIMA est l’optimisation de mon précédent travail Entoptique, cette notion concrète et abstraite, proche et lointaine à la fois. Pour atteindre Entoptima, nous devons nous plonger dans Entoptique, notre partie matérielle et notre partie spirituelle doivent cohabiter en harmonie, atteindre une symbiose. En réalité, Entoptima est un stade d’évolution plus poussé et plus travaillé d’Entoptique. En atteignant Entoptima, nous pouvons mieux comprendre nos perceptions intérieures, percevoir mieux les autres facettes de nous-même et de nos existences"    Namgoong Whan



Born in Seoul in 1975 in South Korea, Namgoong Whan lives and works in Paris. Before coming to France, Namgoong Whan first studied art at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Seoul. Then, he settled in Paris and studied at the ENSBA where he obtained his diploma in 2003.

The story, for Namgoong Whan, begins with the traits engraved by Neolithic men on vases that he saw in a museum. This gesture, at once simple and fundamental, says a mutation in man himself, the transition to another psychic state, access to a new mental dimension. It is also a sort of trigger in the life of the artist, because in front of these traces he "saw" the gestures that gave birth to them and perceived the breath of the man who traced them. The movements drawn by these traces alone revealed the deep evidence which still embraces us today, namely, that the breath is double, inspiration and expira- tion, and that from this coming and going, which allows us to exist, borns all that we invent. It is work asceticism in the most extreme proximity of this movement of the breath that makes Namgoong Whan an artist.






DAEGU ART MUSEUM (KR) - NAM TCHUN-MO - FROM LINES TO LANDSCAPE                                                   Exhibition from 23.01.2018 - 07.05.2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

DAEGU ART MUSEUM (KR) - COLLECTIVE WITH MOON-PIL SHIM - VERTICAL IMPULSE, HORIZONTAL IMPULSE Exhibition from 09.01.2018 - 29.04.2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



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Founded in december 2012 by Minyoung Lee and Gil Bauwens, the gallery's goal is to reveal and promote artists who are mostly coming from the Korean art scene, but also to show European artists works in Korea, through exhibitions or art events. As a curator, Minyoung Lee works closely with art institutions and museums and organizes exhibitions such as TEAF 2014 (Taehwa River Eco Art Festival) in Ulsan, 3rd Identiy Hybrid 2010 in Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Boarding Bridge 2009 in Seoul Kring Kumho Museum, Dissipation and Return 2009 in Seoul Metro Museum, or Age of Fragrance 2008 in Dae-Jeon Asia Museum. And more recently, the first solo show at the Boghossian Foundation with the south korean's artist Chun Kwang Young. And the exhibition of Chun Kwang Young "Chaotic Harmony II" in the museum de Reede in Antwerp. Today, the gallery represents a group of about ten international artists with a large creative scope such as sculpting, painting, new media and installations. These include Korean artists Chun Kwang Young, Sungfeel Yun, Namgoong Whan, Kim Joon, Moon Pil Shim, Kim ku Lim, Yunkyung Jeong, Sunghong Min and European artists Maurice Frydman, Ode Bertrand, Vera Molnar, Aurélie Nemours, Paola Pezzi, Javier Leòn Perez.