06 September > 02 November 2019

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White Cube & Black Cube


Curated by Pauline Hatzigeorgiou

Group show with Hannah Dawn Henderson, Takahiro Kudo, Julie Larrouy, Muriel Leray, Pierre Liebaert, Annaïk Lou Pitteloud, Rokko Miyoshi


Inward Out – Artworks 


About the exhibition

Inward out refers to the emphasized, reversed and reciprocal influence between what contains and what is contained, between what is shown and what is hidden. Viewed from this angle, the interiority, the intimate part, is no longer opposed to, but shaped by, what is external to it. Lacan extends the discourse of the personality by the term “extimate” and foreshadows the infiltration of the public domain into the domestic space.
The works of the exhibition navigate through a series of aspects related to the desire to meet oneself through the other. Through various mediums, they bring together an assembly of images and objects. From the pleasure of dissimulation and presentation, to the normative pressure that weighs on the realization of the subject, to the schematic hypothesis of diversion. From the collection of administrative documents to introduce texts contaminated by the unspeakable, to the extraction of the referent from the image, to demonstrate the inaccessibility that persists in display methods.

Inward Out – Press Release

Inward out évoque le renversement et l’accentuation, mais aussi l’influence réciproque, entre ce qui est contenu et ce qui le contient, entre ce qui se montre et ce qui se cache. Envisagée sous cet angle, l’intériorité, la part intime, n’est plus opposée à, mais façonnée par, ce qui lui est extérieur. Intimité et « extimité » se déterminent mutuellement, dira Lacan, qui étend par ce terme l’approche de la personnalité et qui préfigure la pénétration du domaine public dans l’espace domestique.
Les œuvres de l’exposition croisent une série d’aspects liés au désir de se rencontrer soi-même à travers l’autre, au plaisir de la dissimulation et de la présentation à autrui et à la pression normative qui pèse sur la réalisation du sujet. Elles convoquent des médiums variés, du détournement d’hypothèse schématique au recueil de documents administratifs, en passant par l’assemblage d’images et d’objets, pour introduire le texte contaminé par l’indicible, extraire le référent de l’image ou encore démontrer l’inaccessibilité qui persiste dans le display.

Inward Out – Communiqué de Presse

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Archiraar Gallery was founded in 2012 by Alexis Rastel. As an architect, he joins his spatial practice with artistic research. The Gallery represents artists from the upcoming generation and plans on long time collaborations. It shows paintings, drawings, sculptures, pictures, videos and installations. The Gallery’s White Cube was opened in Brussels in 2013. Ideology of a neutral space, this volume of 3x3x9 meters questions our contemporary habits of showing art. The Black Cube, opened in 2014, is its complementary space. Its enclosed space suggests an intimate perception of the work. Between 2013 and 2015, with parallel solo shows, artists represented by the gallery have shown in both spaces. Starting 2016, the Gallery will be intersecting the spaces’ programs and inviting curators and artists to participate in group shows. In addition, the Gallery publishes and promotes artists’ works. With each show, Archiraar houses resonating artistic projects.